Population Of Newport 2016

Newport is a city and a unitary power region in south east Wales. It is situated on the River Usk, near it’s juncture with the Severn estuary, roughly 19 km upper east of Cardiff. At the 2011 evaluation, it is the third biggest city in Wales, with a city population of around 145,700. The city structures a portion of the Cardiff-Newport metropolitan range with a population of 1,097,000. It has been a port subsequent to medieval times, when a castle was made by the Normans. The place outgrew the previous Roman town of Caerleon, instantly upstream and picked up it’s first charter in the year 1314. The city grew in the nineteenth century, when it’s port turned into the center of coal fares from the eastern valleys of South Wales. Until the ascent of Cardiff from the 1850s, Newport was Wales’ biggest coal-sending out port. It was the site of the last huge scale armed insurrection in Britain. The Newport Rising of the year 1839 drove by the Chartists. Amid the twentieth century, when the docks declined in significance, Newport remained a critical manufacturing and engineering spot. It was allowed city status in 2002. Newport facilitated the Ryder Cup in 2010. It was the venue of the 2014 NATO summit.

Population Of Newport In 2016


In order to find out the population of the city in the year 2016, we need to find out the population of the place of the past 5 years and get the average estimated population for Newport in 2016. The population of the city in the year 2011 was 145,700, 2012 – 146,600, 2013 – 146,800, 2014 – 147,100. We need to additionally find out the population of Newport in the year 2015 and by means of averages and calculation. The population for Newport in 2015 is 147,450. Therefore, the population for the year 2016 is 147,800. (As estimated)


In the 2011 evaluation census report, 56.8% of Newport inhabitants viewed themselves as Christian, 4.7% were Muslim, 1.2% Other religions, 29.7% were actually non religious and 7.5% picked not to answer the non-mandatory religion question on the census. The city has more than 50 churches (counting Welsh, Chinese and Urdu speaking administrations), 7 mosques and one synagogue. The closest Gurudwara is in Cardiff. In the 2011 evaluation, 89.9% portrayed themselves as White, 5.5% Asian, 1.7% being Black, 1.1% 0.5% Mixed White/Asian etc.


The population density in Newport is 1,910/sq mi (738/km2)

It has an ageing population, increased life expectancy and abroad migration has brought about moderate population growth, which is prone to proceed within a reasonable time-frame.

In the 2001 census, the number of inhabitants in Newport was comprised of 95.2% of citizens from a white background and 4.8% of individuals from a non-white. The city has the second biggest number of individuals from a non-white background of the Welsh committees after Cardiff. It’s population was 137,011, an increment of 3693 since the 1991 Census. The principle contrast between the age structure of Newport and England and Wales was in the 0 to 15 year age bunch, which was 2.3% higher in the city. The ethnic minority population here expanded from 3.5% to 4.8% somewhere around 1991 and 2001.


  1. The Normans additionally settled in the town and constructed a castle close to the waterway Usk in the twelfth century, the remaining parts of which can even now be seen today.
  2. It got it’s first Charter in 1385.
  3. Trade prospered and expansion of the docks added to it’s reputation. In the year 1914, Newport sent more than 6 million tons of coal per year.
  4. Newport’s area at the mouth of the waterway Usk has pulled in visitors for a considerable length of time. It’s history goes back to a Celtic settlement 2000 years back.

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