Population Of Derby In 2016

Derby is a city and a unitary power region in the East Midlands of England. It is situated on the banks of the River Derwent in the south of the province of Derbyshire, of which it is the region town. In the 2011 statistics, it had a population of 248,700 and 1,543,000 in the wider metro range. As home to Lombe’s Mill, an early British processing plant, Derby is viewed as an origination of the Industrial Revolution. With the entry of the railroads in the nineteenth century and due to it’s vital focal location, the city developed to turn into a center point of the British rail industry. Currently, Derby is a globally prestigious centre for advanced transport assembling, home to the world’s second biggest air engine producer, Rolls-Royce and Derby Litchurch Lane Works. The UK’s just remaining train maker. The Toyota Manufacturing UK’s central headquarters is situated in the south of the city at Burnaston. Derby is a beautiful place to visit for travelers.

Population Of Derby In 2016


In order to find out the population of the city in the year 2016, we need to find out the population of the place of the past 5 years and get the average estimated population for Derby in 2016. The population of the city in the year 2011 was 248,752, 2012 – 249,356, 2013 – 251,400, 2014 – 252,500. We need to additionally find out the population of Derby in the year 2015 and by means of averages and calculation. The population for Derby in 2015 is 253,437. Therefore, the population for the year 2016 is 254,374. (As estimated)


Derby has been growing steadily and has a good number of people living in the city. As per the recent census data, there were 3,300 more youngsters of around the age of 0-4, an additional 5,500 individuals aged 20-29, 2,900 more people of the age 60 or above, including 1,200 more people that are aged around 75 or more and 1,000 more aged between 85 or more. The population rate expanded from 15.7%to 24.7% in the current year. The Pakistani community comprises of around 5.9% of the general population. 34,600 Derby occupants or 13.9% of the aggregate population were born outside of the United Kingdom.


The population density of Derby is 3,237 people per sq km.

It is among the 41 places in the nation where the population has developed by more than 10% in 10 years, as per the data. The city has had a four-percent growth in terms of population since 2010. The population growth of the city has been really great in the previous 4-5 years and it is expected this pace of growth will proceed in the times to come.


  1. Believe it or not, Derby has the most secure car park in the entire world. The city has the most secure spots on the planet.
  2. Around 1991, the city got placed on the popcorn map. It’s said that the UCI cinema or the Odeon cinema made this huge pile of popcorn to break the world record for the greatest ever popcorn. Clearly, it took around 3 days to break the record by the staff.
  3. The city’s largest employer is Rolls-Royce. You may know these best for their fascinating cars, however they’re currently known for being one of the main suppliers of engines and energy.
  4. A standout amongst the most well known PC game character was made in Derby. Did you know that? Core Design made the character of Tomb Raider in 1996. From that point onward, Lara Croft has actually boomed over the world and has been played by a huge number of people.

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