Population Of Dundee In 2016

Dundee is Scotland’s fourth biggest city and the 51st most crowded developed region in the United Kingdom. The average population gauge for 2014 is 148,260. It exists in the eastern focal Lowlands on the north bank of the Firth of Tay. Under the name of Dundee City, it frames one of the 32 council territories utilized for local government in the country. The city formed into a burgh in medieval times and extended quickly in the nineteenth century to a great extent because of the jute business. This, alongside it’s other significant businesses gave Dundee it’s designation as a city of jute, jam and journalism. It’s actual recorded population came to a crest of 182,204 at the 1971 statistics.

Population Of Dundee In 2016


In order to find out the population of the city in the year 2016, we need to find out the population of the place of the past 5 years and get the average estimated population for Dundee in 2016. The population of the city in the year 2011 was 144,290, 2012 – 147,800, 2013 – 148,950, 2014 – 148,260. We need to additionally find out the population of Dundee in the year 2015 and by means of averages and calculation. The population for Dundee in 2015 is 148,834. Therefore, the population for the year 2016 is 149,511. (As estimated)


The city has likewise pulled in migrants from Italy, escaping destitution and starvation, in the nineteenth century, Jews escaping from the Russia controlled bits of apportioned Poland and from German occupation in the twentieth. Today, it has a good amount of ethnic population and has about 4,000 Asian inhabitants, which is the fourth biggest Asian group in Scotland. The city additionally has 1.0% of occupants from a Black/African/Caribbean background. It has a higher extent of college understudies. One in seven the population as compared with some other town in Europe, with the exception of Heidelberg. The median age of guys and females living in Dundee was 37 and 40 years separately, contrasted with 37 and 39 years for those in the entire of Scotland.


Dundee has a population density of 8,541.8/sq mi.

In the year 1801, the number of inhabitants in Dundee was 26,000. By the gauges of the time it was an extensive and imperative town. By 1861, the population had ascended to more than 90,000. A portion of the ascent was because of Irish movement. Numerous Irish individuals landed in Dundee in the mid nineteenth century escaping the potato starvation. As per the 2001 evaluation, the city of Dundee had a population of 154,674. A later population assessment of the city of Dundee has been recorded at 156,561 in 2012. The demographic make-up of the population is much in accordance with the rest of the country. The age bunch from 30 to 44 frames the biggest segment of the population and stands at 20%. Dundee rather has a moderate growth rate as far as population is concerned and is expected to continue at the same pace.


  1. The first radio show was sent from Dundee. Lindsay Bowman actually was born on eighth September 1799 and was credited as being both a creator and author. He’s recognized for advancements in a few fields including telegraphy.
  2. The wealthiest square mile in the UK was in Dundee. Dundee is the fourth biggest city in Scotland and includes Broughty Ferry, which was entirely alluded to as the wealthiest square mile in Europe.
  3. In 2010, Dundee was very much voted as one of the seven most smartest cities on the planet.

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