Population Of Aberdeen In 2016

Aberdeen is Scotland’s third most crowded city and one of Scotland’s 32 local government council zones and the UK’s 37th most crowded developed region, with an official population assessment of 228,990. The zone around Aberdeen has been settled following no less than 8,000 years ago, when ancient towns lay around the mouths of the streams Dee and Don. The city has a long, sandy coastline and a marine atmosphere. It got the Royal Burgh status from David I of Scotland, changing the city monetarily. It’s two universities, the University of Aberdeen, established in the year 1495 and Robert Gordon University, which was honored the university status in the year 1992, make Aberdeen the instructive educational hub of the north-east. It is a port city in upper east Scotland, where the Dee and Don streams meet the North Sea. With a booming seaward petroleum industry, it is home to a universal population. It’s Maritime Museum, with intelligent shows on the notable nearby delivering, fishing and oil commercial enterprises, bears all encompassing perspectives of the occupied harbor. Aberdeen is it’s third most crowded city and one of Scotland’s 32 local government council zones and the UK’s 37th most crowded developed region. Good place to wind up yourself from any problem. Aberdeen has it’s own charm and it offers many spots for the point of interest of it’s travelers.

Population Of Aberdeen In 2016


In order to find out the population of the city in the year 2016, we need to find out the population of the place of the past 5 years and get the average estimated population for Aberdeen in 2016. The population of the city in the year 2011 was 217,120, 2012 – 224,970, 2013 -226,436, 2014 – 228,990. We need to additionally find out the population of Aberdeen in the year 2015 and by means of averages and calculation. The population for Aberdeen in 2015 is 231,957. Therefore, the population for the year 2016 is 234,924. (As estimated)


As indicated by the 2011 enumeration, Aberdeen is around 91.9% white, ethnically, 24.7% were not actually born in Scotland, higher than the national average of 16%. Of this population, 7.6% were born in different parts of the UK.[41] 8.2% of Aberdonians expressed to be from an ethnic minority in the 2011 evaluation, with 9,519. The city has about 5,610 (2.6%) occupants of African or Caribbean birthplace, which is a higher rate than both Glasgow and Edinburgh.


Aberdeen has a population density of 1,169/km2.

Projections for the growth of numbers of households shown in Scotland uncover Aberdeen is expected upon to see the best corresponding increment throughout the following two decades, as the country includes an expected 390,000 new homes. By the year 1200, Aberdeen may have had a population of around 3,000. That may appear to be little to us yet by the guidelines of the that time it was very considerable. The town has a population of around 228,990 – 235,000. The population growth is really great of Aberdeen.


  1. There are more than 30 spots named Aberdeen all through the world.
  2. Aberdeen Harbor Board, built up in 1136 is Britain’s most seasoned business.
  3. In the year 1808, the whole fishing town of Footdee was moved mostly to oblige harbor development and incompletely on the grounds that the occupants had asked for it.
  4. In the year 1882, Aberdonian Astronomer Sir David Gill took the first fruitful photo of a comet. The Moon’s Gill Crater is additionally named after him.
  5. The Shore Porters Society of Aberdeen was established in the year 1498.

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